About Seska

After completing her university studies Seska worked as an educational consultant. Then in 1999 she decided to stray off the beaten path and created an independent adult website that chronicled her personal life through photos, videos, live webcamming and journals. Not unlike reality tv personalities of that era or current day lifestyle YouTube stars, what was once private became public and professional.

Her website endeavours led her to writing articles and essays on eroticism, relationships, body image, gender politics and sexuality for her websites Seska For Lovers and Seskuality as well as being published in Broken Pencil and Naked Ambition: Women Who Are Changing Pornography. Seska has been a featured speaker at SXSW (Austin Texas), Concordia University, McGill University, Sexual Attitude Reassessment Seminars and various adult industry conferences. Seska was also featured on HBO’s Real Sex Xtra : Pornocopia : Going Down in the Valley : Women on Top and Josey Vogel’s Between You and Me on CBC Radio 1.

In 2003 she further expanded her activities to include event production and neoburlesque performance. She cofounded the troupes The Coral Lees, Team Burlesque and the live band production Acme Burlesque. She has graced the stages of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Cabaret Cleo, Club Soda, Lee’s Palace, MainLine Theatre and The Wiggle Room and performed many times with the acclaimed Scandelles and at the Montreal Burlesque Festival and the Grand Burlesque Show.

In 2010 Seska Lee retired as adult industry performer and now blogs about simple intentional living and holistic well-being.

Seska Lee lives a simple, whimsical life in a small studio apartment with two feisty cuddle cats, Martha and Rufus.