Hello Wonderful You

I’m Seska Lee, a 40-something gal who lives the simple yet glamorous life in the magnifique city of Montreal.Glitter Heart Background

Simple in that I discovered some mindful and minimalist life strategies that bring balance and serenity to my day-to-day. Glamorous in that I love burlesque and I adore creating dazzling, silly performances and shows. It brings me much life satisfaction and pleasure.

It also means that I find bobby-pins by the door and glitter most everywhere, but that is OK by me. They remind me I’m living the life I want to live.

Perhaps SIMPLICITY & GLAMOUR are an odd combination to some. But it’s my version of Yin and Yang. Having both in my life allows me to embrace love-yourself living in a BIG JOYFUL way. It’s at the heart of everything I do.

Life is complex.

Love-yourself living helps me with life’s challenges, express what’s on my mind and in my heart. It’s what keeps me grounded yet able to fly free. It’s what helps me connect to those I love.

Keeping certain things simple lets you bounce around in the complex with joy, gratitude and authenticity. Bounce around in the unpredictability, uncertainty and vulnerability knowing you have a safety net. Having a toolbox of strategies and skills makes you more resilient when sh*t hits the fan – because it will.

So, what do I simplify?

  • What I wear – I love a seasonal capsule wardrobe for my everyday life.
  • What I eat – non-recipes suit me best.
  • How I set up my living and work space (it’s one and the same).
    It must feed my senses and imagination, be clutter free and every item has its own home.

clothing hanger on brown table

My burlesque costumes have sequins and fancy fringe trim, but they also are chosen and made with simplicity in mind. They are easy to store, maintain and to perform in (and out of).  Streamlining my burlesque life means I don’t tear through my space last minute looking for a costume piece or have to create something last minute. I have just what I need. Not more, not less. When I have a show I know I can focus on my performance, deliver as best I can and enjoy the entire process.


Photo credit: Andrea Hausmann for The Wiggle Room

My internal life?

I simplify that too. Absolutely essential in fact because there is a part of my mind that likes to tell stories  – often attaching shame, guilt and fear to them. Then there is my gut that likes to do somersaults. And of course, my heart that likes to race.

I’m betting this all sounds terribly familiar.

Thank goodness there is a solution to this mess of stress and struggle. Mindfulness – it’s the simple antidote to the busy mind poison. Sure, it’s a popular buzz word these days but there is a reason for that. It’s incredibly powerful. It’s an active way of thinking that helps calm the mind. For goodness sake, it creates new neuro-pathways! So freaking neat!

Go love yourself!

Then there is love-yourself living that is the bow that ties it all together AND the end result at the same time. In a nutshell, it’s about observing yourself, your body, your mind’s stories, you name it and not trying to change anything. Experience them without judgement. Let all the weird, uncomfortable and painful sensations and thoughts just be. Then approaching it all – especially yourself – with loving kindness.

Old wooden background with beautiful bow

Check out my blog for lots of simple and love-yourself living tips. Plus some glamour and glitter too.

Thank you for being here.