Hello! I’m Seska. I’m a content creator, performer, educator and writer. I’ve been devoted to this field since 1998.

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With BAs in Psychology and Child Studies, I first worked as an educational consultant. Then in 1998, I decided to stray off the beaten path and created an independent adult website that chronicled my sex life through photos, videos, live cam shows, and personal journals.

My online endeavours led me to write articles and essays on eroticism, relationships, body image, sex worker rights, feminism, and sexual health for my websites Seska For Lovers and Seskuality as well as being published in Broken Pencil and Naked Ambition: Women Who Are Changing Pornography.

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I was a featured speaker at SXSW, Concordia University, McGill University, Carleton University, Ottawa University, Sexual Attitude Reassessment Seminars, and various adult industry conferences. I was also featured on HBO’s Real Sex Xtra : Pornocopia : Going Down in the Valley : Women on Top and Josey Vogel’s Between You and Me on CBC Radio 1.

In 2010 I became less active in the adult industry and focused on personal development and holistic well-being. I studied and wrote about nutrition, wellness, ageing, and personal growth modalities while working as a burlesque performer, cabaret producer, and educator.

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Then in 2019 I began having recurring dreams of making adult content again once again. I was curious about what it would look like to make and share it now as a mature babe rather than a girl-next-door.

My comeback was a success and I’m now a top performer at Treasure Cams and share new solo and partnered content at my personal site as well as on the ubiquitous fan sites and clip sites of today.

If you are looking to delve a little deeper and connect more profoundly with me I’m on Substack. It’s where I reflect on the realities and nuances of being a mature woman exploring pleasure and ageing. It’s less visually salacious than what I have on fan sites, but much more personally intimate.

If you are looking for my adult work, links are listed here.