I’m so glad you are here – my little spot on the world wide web (yep, I still like to call it that). It’s where I share things that are meaningful to me in hopes of inspiring you – wonderful you – to live a life with a little more ease and joy than you had before you dropped by.

Who Am I?

I’m Seska Lee, a 40-something gal who lives a simple and often goofy life online and off. My life is simple in that I discovered some mindful and minimalist life strategies that bring balance and equanimity to my day-to-day experience and help me live according to my Core Desired Feelings and values. Goofy in that I get much joy experiencing the whimsy and humour of life.

I used to say that I live a glamorous life because I was deeply involved in burlesque performance for more than a decade. I retired from performing in November of 2017 and while I still adore glittery, silly performances and shows, I’m now focusing my energy on work and family life. It’s what brings me much satisfaction and pleasure these days.

What I Do

I blog about the lessons I’ve learned during my life and share the bits of wisdom I’ve gained along the way.

Some of my favourite topics include nutrition, mindfulness, The Desire Map , simplicity and eco-friendly sustainable living. I’m quite fascinated by living well in mid-life – in particular perimenopause  – in part because I’m smack in the middle of it. It feels very real, vivid and juicy to me. And when the juicy stuff happens to me I need to create, express and share.

But also because as we are living well into our 80s we will spend 30 plus years of our lives in a post menopausal state. That’s a lot of years! We need to talk about it. We need resources. Our stories need to be told and heard. This is important.

And a big part of my story is how I survived a mid-life crisis.

How I Survived a Mid-Life Crisis

In 2010 my marriage and partnership of nearly 17 years ended. It was a symptom of how I was changing, but my life wasn’t. Instead of it slowly decaying or splintering into pieces, it broke fast and sharp. There was much damage and I used some poor coping strategies at first to make in through the painful days and nights – very unhealthy food choices, excessive spending, much too much booze, and a ridiculously dramatic rebound relationship with someone that was in no way a good match for me.

While there were many missteps, I also made some good choices. I went to therapy on a weekly basis for 4 years and still continue to work with her (a true guardian angel to me). I discovered the work of Tara Brach and Pema Chodron and developed a mindful and compassionate meditation practice. I did some Magical Housekeeping which led me to embrace a minimalist lifestyle (Zen Habits got me started then I found The Minimalists and Courtney Carver).  I went back to school in holistic nutrition and learned to be gentle with my self with regards to my lifestyle choices. Through the work of Danielle LaPorte and Gabrielle Bernstein I added to my resilience toolbox. I got sober on December 27th, 2013. I moved to a new city and rebooted my work and family life in 2016.

I’ve been documenting my life’s journey online since 1998 and my current blog is an evolution of that. A whole lot different than what I shared in the beginning (you can learn about that at my original site – all essays and no photos), but this site is a reflection of me authentically as I’m right now. Same but different.

All my best,


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