Hello Wonderful You

I’m Seska Lee, a 40-something gal who lives a simple yet glamorous (and often goofy) life online and off.

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My life is simple in that I discovered some mindful and minimalist life strategies that bring balance and equanimity to my day-to-day experience. It’s glamorous in that I love burlesque and I adore creating glittery, silly performances and shows. Having both in my life brings me much satisfaction and pleasure. Read more about my mix of passions here.

I blog here at www.seskalee.com about the lessons I have learned during my life and share the bits of wisdom I have gained along the way. Some of my favourite topics include nutrition, mindfulness, decluttering and eco-friendly products.

I love having this virtual space to post about strategies and tools that I believe will help you live with a little more ease and joy than you had before you visited.

The Desire Map

I’m a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and much of my work has The Desire Map as its foundation. The Desire Map is an incredible programme created by Danielle LaPorte teaches you how to determine precisely how you want to feel. After determining these feelings – your Core Desired Feelings – you use them as touchstones when you have to make your everyday AND life-changing decisions. It has made a HUGE difference in my life and those I have worked with. it has brought me inner clarity and helped me turn it into outer action.

My Core Desired Feelings
Full, Poise, Radiant, Purpose & Whimsy

As a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator I love combining the programme with burlesque and movement. I find they flow so beautifully and meaningfully with one another. Learn more about my special 1 day workshop Burlesque Embodied and Expressed With the Desire Map here.

In addition to group work, I offer individualized in-person and virtual consultation services to people looking to live an inspired and meaningful life. If this interests you get in touch!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your time here at my lifestyle blog.

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