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I Want To Vlog But Should I?

Big Decisions

I’m thinking of starting to vlog. I had hoped to start last fall, but I didn’t have the funds to get the equipment so I put the idea on hold while I saved up. But there was more than finances to the delay. There was trepidation.

If I vlog I want to focus on my current interests of simplicity, minimalism and wellness (especially midlife issues like perimenopause). I wasn’t sure if my following on social media was interested in that kind of content. I still mainly get e-mails and comments from people who knew me from my adult industry work. While some do say they enjoy my authenticity and openness as I’ve blogged about my life post-porn, they are men who found me because they were looking for porn and it’s mainly what they want to focus on in their e-mails. That was all fine and good when I worked in that industry, but I haven’t for nearly ten years now. I’ve moved on and would like people to move on too. I’m not ungrateful for past members or ashamed of my past. I’m just not interested in performative sexuality anymore.

My new interests do appeal to some of the old followers (especially when I talk about my sobriety as others have similar struggles), but I’m also seeking to reach out to people a little more like myself – CIS women in midlife going through all the joys and challenges that seem to come with this time in our lives. Many of us are questioning our choices, deconstructing our lives and rebuilding – not just us retired porn stars. Anyway, it’s these people I want to reach. If people who know me from my old life are interested they can follow along and if not they can live in the past and do whatever to all the stolen xxx of mine that is littered online. I’m OK with that as long as it’s on their time and in their space.

So much wishful thinking on my part. I know.

Anyway, intentional, sustainable and healthy living is what I’ve been posting about on Instagram and it’s allowed me to connect with people interested in much the same things. I find the experience of sharing my life lessons with people dealing with similar challenges rewarding and empowering. The same thing can be said from the other side – what I learn from the interesting, genuine people I follow. I find it inspiring and life affirming. I think vlogging can add to this experience. Enhance it even.

Granted, there is a lot of negativity and trolling in the comments on YouTube. Last fall I wasn’t sure if I could handle the mindless critiquing that seems to be ubiquitous there. A certain amount of not caring what other people think is required. I have experience with that given I’ve lived online since 1999 or so. Still, I can get peeved by certain engagements. I’m bored whenever I post a body shot or anything remotely ‘pretty’ or glamorous and get mainly the male gaze. I’m annoyed when I post about challenges or share a vulnerable moment and get advice or some pseudo uplifting message (***hugs***) when I wasn’t seeking any. I’m turned off when I get offers from strangers half way around the world to date me or have sex with me. I don’t understand how anyone thinks an Instagram or Twitter profile is a Tinder profile.

Thankfully, the ‘you used to be hot’, ‘your to old to f*ck now’, or ‘you should have stuck to sucking c*ck’ comments – I barely notice them anymore.

What makes me hopeful though is that I have found some channels like Eco Boost, Lauren Toyota, Samio,  Pick Up Limes, My Green ClosetJenny Mustard and Alli Cherry that brim with optimism, usefulness and kindness. I think by focusing on those qualities the haters will make their idiotic posts and then move on because of boredom.

Oh, and all of the talk of perimenopause. ;-)

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Get Your Act Together In The AM

Morning Routine Resource

I’m a big fan Sadia Badiei, a nutritionist and dietician who hosts the wellness site and YouTube channel Pick Up Limes. I was going through her recent uploads and came across a great post where she shares her 10 strategies for a healthy morning routine including a printable checklist. I appreciate her approach to wellness because it’s informed and compassionate. Her tone is gentle and positive. Her suggestions are realistic and achievable. I highly recommend you check her work out.

Speaking of morning routines, I have been tweaking mine recently. I have more time at the moment to work on my writing so I knew I’d need to make sure my morning routine was solid. Otherwise, I would be too excited about writing and just sit down. That might sound productive, but actually it’s not. If I don’t have a solid and healthy foundation for my day, then crashes happen in the afternoon or I power through my work and end up frazzled and wired by the evening. Not good for me in the moment or for my longevity.

This is what my morning routine looks like right now:

1 – Take my temperature when I wake up (I’m tracking my ovulation for my perimenopause project).

2 – Do some gentle stretches in bed as I rise to warm up my back.

3 – Make my bed (this is important as I live in a small studio apartment and sleep on a sofa-bed).

4 – Feed cats, drink water, splash some water on my face.

5 – Mediate (I use the Calm app and do 15 minutes each morning).

6 – Boil water for tea and my neti pot. Drink tea and let neti pot cool down.

7 – Look over my to-do list, journal a bit, note down my temperature. All things related to my bullet journal.

8 – Check social media and email. Add any pertinent things to my to-do list.

9 – Go for a 45 minute walk then do my core exercises. If I’m walking somewhere as part of my morning I do some yoga instead.

10 – Have breakfast (usually a large portion of slow cooked oatmeal with a scoop of pea protein, a mix of ground seeds (pumpkin, chia, hemp and flax) and 1 cup frozen berries.

For an older post on my morning routine go here.

How about you? Do you have a morning routine that gets you off to a happy, healthy start?
Would you like one? Not sure where to start? Share in the comments below.


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Perimenopause – A Quick Definition

I’d like to start with a few definitions from The Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research at the University of British Columbia. It’s an incredible resource by the way – the most useful I’ve found so far.

Perimenopause is the period of time before and for a year after the last menstrual period during which ovarian hormonal patterns, experiences and sociocultural roles change. The average age at which irregular cycles develop is about age 47.

Perimenopause probably begins several years before that in CIS women with regular cycles when the ovaries start are making fluctuating amounts of estrogen (often higher than before perimenopause) and lower amounts of progesterone.

Like menopause, perimenopause is a normal part of a woman’s life cycle.


Dr. Northrup

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

The Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research

My YouTube Playlist of Favourite Videos on Perimenopause


By the way, I’m using the word CIS woman, but this information can also apply to nonbinary and transgender folks with an XX reproductive system who haven’t taken hormones as part of transition.

I’m not a doctor or registered dietitian. The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences with simple intentional living and holistic nutrition. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, do your research and consult with your doctor or medical professional before making any lifestyle changes.

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My Favourite Vegan YouTube Channels

As many of you know I was a vegetarian for 1 year then vegan for 15 years (1995-2010), but with my midlife crisis I fell off the wagon for a few years and then got back on this spring. When I returned to my vegan waysI felt like lots had changed between when I stopped being vegan, the few years I ate eggs and dairy (2010-2013) and then when I also ate land and marine animals (2013-2016). To refresh myself I decided to look to some of my old favourite sources of information (Physicians Committee For Responsible MedicineVegetarian Resource Group and VegNews) AND the latest additions to the vegan info scene. This is where YouTube came in.

There are so many people chatting about vegan eating and vegan lifestyle choices on YouTube. Some are just broohaha clickbait drama (oh, dramatic and competitive YouTubers, you bore me), but there are others that are informative, positive, friendly AND entertaining.

Here are my top 3 favourite vegan YouTubers.

Lauren Toyota – websiteYouTube

Also Hot For Food (recipes she makes with her boyfriend John)

Lauren’s videos are so nicely shot and edited, but what really shines through is her authenticity. Her What I Eat In A Day videos are not at all like the uber pristine ones so common on YouTube. She keeps it real, as the kids say (OK, the kids of the 1990s). She’s also a little woo. Her ideas about life, the universe and how to make your dreams a reality – I dig it, as the kids say (OK, the kids in the 1960s). Anyway, I like her and think we would get along and be friends. This means she is a REALLY good at her job as a YouTuber.

Georgie and Darren – Vegan Fitness TV – YouTube

Their videos bring much value to my life. Their fat loss series is very informative and helped me devise a plan for myself. I keep watching because their daily videos are so positive and informative. They help me stay on plan. Motivation strategies are a must for me when it comes to eating well and exercising. I’m an introvert and I can easily just stay inside and hibernate – cocoon – tune out.

I’m a Patreon supporter of their work.

Hayley – Sea and Silva – YouTube

Hayley brings an interesting life experience to the topics of veganism, atheism, minimalism and living on less. Her transparency about her finances and lifestyle choices are both very inspiring. Same thing with her journey as a YouTuber. She just moved states and I’m interested to learn how the transition goes and what new adventures come her way.

I’m a Patreon supporter of her work.


BONUS: If you are nutrition geek like me you need to check out Dr. Michael Greger at Nutrition Facts. He reads EVERY published research study on nutrition every year and then makes these short, informative videos. All proceeds from his books, DVDs, and speaking go to charity.