Get Your Act Together In The AM

Morning Routine Resource

I’m a big fan Sadia Badiei, a nutritionist and dietician who hosts the wellness site and YouTube channel Pick Up Limes. I was going through her recent uploads and came across a great post where she shares her 10 strategies for a healthy morning routine including a printable checklist. I appreciate her approach to wellness because it’s informed and compassionate. Her tone is gentle and positive. Her suggestions are realistic and achievable. I highly recommend you check her work out.

Speaking of morning routines, I have been tweaking mine recently. I have more time at the moment to work on my writing so I knew I’d need to make sure my morning routine was solid. Otherwise, I would be too excited about writing and just sit down. That might sound productive, but actually it’s not. If I don’t have a solid and healthy foundation for my day, then crashes happen in the afternoon or I power through my work and end up frazzled and wired by the evening. Not good for me in the moment or for my longevity.

This is what my morning routine looks like right now:

1 – Take my temperature when I wake up (I’m tracking my ovulation for my perimenopause project).

2 – Do some gentle stretches in bed as I rise to warm up my back.

3 – Make my bed (this is important as I live in a small studio apartment and sleep on a sofa-bed).

4 – Feed cats, drink water, splash some water on my face.

5 – Mediate (I use the Calm app and do 15 minutes each morning).

6 – Boil water for tea and my neti pot. Drink tea and let neti pot cool down.

7 – Look over my to-do list, journal a bit, note down my temperature. All things related to my bullet journal.

8 – Check social media and email. Add any pertinent things to my to-do list.

9 – Go for a 45 minute walk then do my core exercises. If I’m walking somewhere as part of my morning I do some yoga instead.

10 – Have breakfast (usually a large portion of slow cooked oatmeal with a scoop of pea protein, a mix of ground seeds (pumpkin, chia, hemp and flax) and 1 cup frozen berries.

For an older post on my morning routine go here.

How about you? Do you have a morning routine that gets you off to a happy, healthy start?
Would you like one? Not sure where to start? Share in the comments below.


Gratitude Practice

I so so so love my new gratitude practice.

10 Things

Before bed I make a list of ten things I’m grateful for. Yes, I count them on my fingers. I say them over and over in my head and then drift off to sleep.

Well, not over and over as I actually fall asleep before the second round. I don’t have insomnia, but I do have a busy brain and I need routines and rituals to help ease me to sleep. Otherwise, I toss and turn. I’m very restless.

While I am glad this new gratitude practice helps me fall asleep it is actually about so much more.

This practice is good for all three parts of me – mind, body and soul.

Mind – because it slows things down and makes me reflect in a positive way on the day. I do have a loop of all the things I found demanding, unsatisfying or upsetting playing in my mind. While I list in my head the things I am thankful for my busy mind stops rehashing the day in woulda-coulda-shoulda ways.

Body – My gratitude practice also helps calm my body. Being quiet and patient slows down my breathing and my heart rate. By being still and meditating on what I appreciate my body is better able to enter a sleep state. Sleep is SO IMPORTANT to health.

Soul – This one is obvious. Being thankful is good for the soul (however you define it) because it encourages empathy, reduces depression, and increases psychological resilience. All things I want and help me connect with the great unknown in a safe and inspired way.

Want to know more about the science behind the benefits of gratitude? Check out this article.