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Goals With Soul 2017

The Desire Map is a workbook, a guide, a process.

It’s a tool to help you get crystal clear on how you want to feel and take action to nourish and embody your Core Desired Feelings in all that you do.

For the past few years on around New Year Day I revisit my Core Desired Feelings. I take out my old Desire Map workbooks and personal journals and look back. I reflect on the actions I took and the feelings I felt. Then I look ahead at how I want to feel and the goals (with soul) that I want to attain in the coming year. For me it’s part of my evolving journey of getting in touch with what I desire and making it happen on my terms. Even more so it’s my foundation. The process supports my goal of living with intention, vitality, reslience and equanimity.

There are many ways you can tap into The Desire Map. Some facilitators provide online coaching. Others in-person workshops. Some people explore the material on their own in one long night or over the course of a few weeks. It’s quite a flexible programme.

With that in mind, Danielle LaPorte (the creator of The Desire Map) is offering a condensed audio + workbook course, designed for crossing the threshold of a New Year. This is a rich and useful process. Danielle will walk you through a customized New Year Desire Map process with prompts to glean the lessons from the past and set Goals + Intentions that nourish you through 2017.

BONUS: If you purchase the Goals With Soul 2017 programme via my Affiliate Link I will offer you a 30-minute check-in call about your work with The Desire Map at the end of January.

Want to get super clear on how you want to feel for 2017? I bet ya’ – you do. Wonderful you.

All my best,


PS Want to get the programme for yourself and gift one to a friend (30% off)? Click Here

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Full – Core Desired Feeling

Over the next few weeks I thought I’d write a little bit about my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) and how they came about. I decided to start with FULL.

The dictionary today defines FULL this way.


containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space.
“wastebaskets full of rubbish”
synonyms: filled, filled up, filled to capacity, filled to the brim, brimming, brimful More
not lacking or omitting anything; complete.
“fill in your full name below”
synonyms: comprehensive, thorough, exhaustive, all-inclusive, all-encompassing, all-embracing, in depth

The cool thing about discovering your CDFs and using them to turn inner clarity into outer action is that they are personalized and don’t need to follow the rules of grammar. The dictionary’s definition is the starting point. I use FULL as one my CDFs mainly as an adjective but it also means a little more than that for me.


FULL as one my CDFs first began as NOURISHED. As I did the exercises last New Year’s Day – pondered my past experiences and envisioned what I wanted for my life going forward – I discovered that yes I wanted to feel NOURISHED inside and out, but I also had the desire to feel SOLID, GROUNDED and ADEQUATE. Essentially I wanted to feel that I take up space, stand my ground and feel good enough as I am in this world. FULL for me I discovered means that I’m sustained. I have enough. I’m not living with a scarcity mindset. I feel abundant with love, health, and resources. I feel stable. I take up space.

Taking up space physically and verbally is a challenge for many women. Our culture doesn’t support it and instead discourages it, even punishes it. You can read an essay by Jamie Utt that summarizes this very well here.

How I Feel Full

Here are few things I do to feel this Core Desired Feeling:

I nourish myself with healthy plant based foods (yep, NOURISHED became an action I take to feel FULL).

I feed my mind through mindful contemplation and learning. Lately that’s been through library books and podcasts.

I ground myself with daily meditation. I’m at 10 minutes a day each morning and I occasionally throw in a 5 minute session during my lunch break. I’m using the free version of the Calm app.

I surround myself with people who make me feel good about myself and the world – friends, family, colleagues and clients. I don’t have the time or energy to be with people who are passive aggressive or have a big hate on for the world at large. Anger and cynicism are things I do tap into, but I can’t live there all the time.


Danielle LaPorte recently wrote about the difference between numbness and emptiness. I think it ties in beautifully with my desire to feel FULL. So neat when coincidences like that happen.


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My Core Desired Feelings 2016

For those of you who visit my website with an eye for details you may have noticed a change in my Core Desired Feelings over on the sidebar. In January I did my annual Desire Map work and I got a little more precise and a little more descriptive on how I wanted to feel.

What I like about The Desire Map and Core Desired Feelings is that you do not need to obey the rules of grammar nor be sensible with the words you choose. If you want to feel like a Disney Character that can be one of your CDFs. If you want to feel spicy in whatever way you define spicy, you can choose that word. Neat.

What I went with this incarnation was compounding words. It feels right for me right now. It feels deep and detailed.

My Core Desired Feelings are Poise, Radiant, Purpose, Full and Whimsy.

I will explain in a future entry what these CDFs mean to me.

Love and blessings,


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Chasing Goals VS Chasing Feelings

You want it and you want it bad. Aspiring. Hoping. Plotting. Recurring. Reaching. Bubbling beneath your surface. You crave it — and it craves you. So you make a plan to get it. A to-do list. The bucket list. Quarterly objectives. Strategy. Accountability. The goal. Except . . .

You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing a feeling.

We have the procedures of achievement upside down. We go after the stuff we want to have, get, accomplish, and experience outside of ourselves. And we hope, yearn, pray that we’ll be fulfilled when we get there. It’s backwards. It’s outside in. And it’s running us in circles.

Danielle LaPorte

I have experienced this myself. In my burlesque work, in my blogging, in my personal life. I thought I wanted that THING or that ACHIEVEMENT when truly what I wanted was to feel a certain way. Until I got specific on those feelings – my Core Desired Feelings – I was lost in a mess of dissatisfaction and confusion.

Does any of this resonate with you? If so I think my March 20th Burlesque Expressed & Embodied With The Desire Map Workshop is for you!

Let me help you discover and define your Core Desired Feelings so you can find INNER CLARITY that will transform to OUTER ACTION.

Register Now

All my best,
Seska Lee

PS I’m using burlesque as the stage for this exploration and development. It has so many powerful elements to it that will allow us to dig deep and play and grow. I can’t wait!


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The Desire Map – Best Option For You

What is the Desire Map?


The Desire Map started out as a book, written by Danielle LaPorte. From there, it became the driver of over 500 book clubs around the world. At the heart of it all? A commitment to feeling good. Cynics would say that choosing to place your focus on feeling good is silly – maybe, even selfish.

But I (and thousands of other Desire Mappers around the globe) know better. Because who wants to live a life that doesn’t feel good?

Who wants to work in a job that sucks their life force?
Who wants to be in relationships where they don’t feel nourished and honoured?
Who wants to feel bored in their own life?
Not me. And I’m pretty sure, not you.

The Desire Map taught me how to make better choices by making decisions based on my core desired feelings. And that boils down to living a life that feels good to live.

I’ve watched this book inspire major transformation in my own life and in the lives of many others. I believe in this material — I know that it works.

Which is why… I took my passion for The Desire Map one step further. I have become an Official Licensed Facilitator of The Desire Map. Woo!

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