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    Bagel Burlesque Expo – Sunday Brunch

    I am pleased to announce I will be hosting the Sunday brunch Show of the Montreal Bagel Burlesque Expo on Sunday April 24th, 2016. It will be a neo-burlesque celebration of beauty under all its less traditional forms. HEADLINERS: Red Hot Annie (Chicago) James and the Giant Pasty (Toronto) ARTISTS: Bibi Lolo Bang Bang (Montreal) Coeur De Lyon (Montreal) Fifi & Foufou (Montreal) Julie Paquet (Montreal) Lady Scarlet Pearl (Montreal) Lillian Bustle (Boston) Paige la Pearl (Toronto) Poison Eve (New York) Hosted by Seska Lee Stage Kittens: Emily Florence & Florence Emily Doors: noon Show: 1 pm TICKETS PRICES in advance: General seat: $25 + fees VIP seat: $45 + fees…

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    Seska Trivia

    I have a BA in Child Studies and a BA in Psychology. In my twenties I worked as an educational consultant. I have continued my education by taking courses in nutrition, energy healing, mindfulness and online business. I have been active as a burlesque performer and cabaret producer since 2003. my costume for my Welcome to the Jungle number After recovering from a rare autoimmune disease called Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria I was inspired to train for a 1/2 marathon. I ran it in 2 hours and 14 minutes in the freezing rain. After a break from exercise I have switched things up and now take daily early morning 40 minute power walks. my 1st 5k race In the fall of…

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    Where Is Seska?

    Wow! It has been a while since I have shared a personal blog entry. It is not that I have not had a personal life. I have. That is one reason I have not written a personal post in some time. I have been busy with living life that I haven’t had much time to write about it. What has been keeping me from writing? Family I have been spending A LOT of time with family and loving it so much. Being an aunt is awesome. It has opened me up to so much love that I feel like I might burst. It has also made me work hard on…

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    The Graduate

    The Graduate A play adapted by Terry Johnson Based on the novel by Charles Webb And the motion picture screenplay by Calder Willingham & Buck Henry Directed by Andrew Shaver With original music composed and performed live on stage by Justin Rutledge & Matthew Barber Starring Luke Humphrey & Brigitte Robinson Cast LUKE HUMPHREYBenjamin

GRAHAM CUTHBERTSONHotel Clerk, Priest, Psychiatrist and Company
SESKA LEEStripper and Company
JANE WHEELERMrs. Braddock (Mom)

 A SEGAL CENTRE PRODUCTION August 31st, 2014 – September 21st, 2014