Summer 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

I’m a big fan of the 10 Item Wardrobe as described by Jennifer L. Scott in her book Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris. She suggests curating your wardrobe in such a way to have 10 main items and a handful of extras. Creating this type of capsule wardrobe helped me simplify getting dressed and develop my discernment when it comes to my look. Poise is one of my Core Desired Feelings and having a well thought out capsule wardrobe most definitely makes me feel (and look) that way.

A quote from Jennifer…

One of the many reasons why I love the ten-item wardrobe is it requires me to be thoughtful about my clothing. Nothing is shoved into the closet as an afterthought. If a garment is going to take up valuable real estate in my closet, it needs to belong there.

It also takes the stress out of getting dressed. Something I used to experience on the regular. It also saves me time and energy that I can use in more productive and creative ways.

My Ten Items & Extras

I put my summer capsule wardrobe together in May soon after I moved from Montreal to Ottawa. I was anticipating a bit of a lifestyle change because I changed jobs so I took that into consideration. Still, most everything I chose was from last year’s wardrobe (stuff I didn’t wear because of the actual uniform I was in 5 days a week).

See the notes afterwards for explanations, exceptions and transformations.

  1. Black Jeans +
  2. Jean Shorts ^
  3. Black Flowing Trousers
  4. Jean Capri +
  5. Black One Piece Romper <
  6. Black Jersey Tunic Dress *
  7. Short Capri Jersey Leggings
  8. Black Jersey Pencil Skirt
  9. White Linen Shirt >
  10. Blue Linen Shirt >

Pink Cotton Cardigan (for the occasional chilly AC type outing)
Black Raincoat (for the rain – obviously)

Fancy Black Sleeveless Tunic (this and all items below can be matched with my pants and skirt)
Black Sleeveless Blouse
White Tunic Sleeveless Top
Razor Back Black Jersey Tank
White T-shirt
Black T-shirt
White Tank Top
Black Tank Top

Black Polyester Mini Dress (for nights out and post-burlesque shows)

Sandals, black Jack Purcells, white Jack Purcells, pink rubberboots and open toe black stacked heels.

Recently I took some photos of some of my Outfits Of The Day that you can see over at my Instagram. I will take some more and post a final roundup of my summer outfits and post them all together here.

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The black flowing trousers and black tank top.

^ I only wore the shorts once to the beach and then tried them on again a month or so later. They were too big. They quite literally slipped off my hips and past my bum without me having to undo them. I think my switch back to a whole food plant based diet combined with daily powerwalks caused me to lose an inch or so from my waist and hips. These shorts are now in my donation bag.

+ It has been a very hot and humid summer and the denim of my jeans are much too thick for 30 degrees Celsius and 70% humidity days and nights. I put these in the back of my closet and I will bring them forward once we have consistently cooler days and nights. Hopefully by the end of August.

< I adored wearing this romper this summer. It has been my favourite thing to wear to work and meet ups with friends.

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* This dress was moved to my home-only capsule. This is stuff I wear around the house, when I do laundry, post workout but pre shower. Besides the dress it includes a pair of longer black leggings, grey sleep shorts and two worn but not see through t-shirts. The dress in question – I have had it for 5 years – was pilling in spots and looked a bit ragged for work and running errands. I purchased a black tent type jersey dress to replace it. It has a belt so I can wear it two ways.

> The only thing I bought at the start of the summer were the linen shirts, two t-shirts (1 white and 1 black) and a white tank top. These are things I didn’t have as last year I worked in a restaurant and wore a uniform 5 days a week. I needed a few things to fill out my capsule in a clean and polished way now that I work at a shop.

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And yes I know – I wear a heck of a lot of black. I make it a bit more lively by adding a pop of colour like with my Matt & Nat Triplet Loom Crossbody, Fuchsia (Pink).


Tedx Talk. – Video by Jennifer L. Scott

Dress With Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe – Mini Course by Courtney Carver

A Practical Guide to Owning Fewer Clothes & 8 Reasons Successful People Are Choosing to Wear the Same Thing Every Day – Blog posts by Joshua Becker

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