My Simple Wardobe

I’m a huge fan of a simple wardrobe – also called a capsule wardrobe.

I have two – one for winter and one summer. The winter one consists of thick black leggings, a white undershirt and a black v neck sweater. I mix it up with grey sweaters or slim jeans. I also have one dress and one knee length black pencil skirt. I wear slim boots when it is above -5 Celsius or above. When it is colder and there is snow I wear my super duper winter boots. If I am going out to something a bit fancy and not doing much walking I have high heeled boots. At home I have a pair of slip on sneakers.

I keep things simple jewelry-wise too. I have two sets of earrings by Swarovski (one set of studs and one that dangle), a silver metallic watch and a simple band I got for myself when I first got separated.

Why does this work for me?

Getting dressed used to be a stressful experience I dreaded. Very much anxiety provoking. As a child it meant temper tantrums. As an adult it meant a horrible feeling of panic and countless clothing changes until what I wore felt just right.

I was working from the outside in. Mistake!

Once I realized I needed to do the opposite – identify how I wanted to feel first – I was naturally drawn to clothes that did just that and I got rid of the stuff that didn’t (I call it the great purge of 2012).

Shopping changed. My old pattern was to be compulsive and buy something that immediately gave me a rush or a sense of escape. My new pattern is all about selectively buying only things of quality that fit exceptionally well (or I alter them as need be). When I get dressed the experience is simply one that generates My Core Desired Feelings in me. No more drama or anxiety.

VISA now hates me, but that is OK.

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