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My Favourite Simple Living YouTubers

I enjoy watching YouTube videos on simple and minimalist living. WHY? Because they inspire me to live a simple and minimalist life. Or rather they reinforce the choices I am making everyday to live a simpler, healthier and less consumer-driven lifestyle. I am on journey after all. ;-)

Here are some of my favourites. I like them because of the content AND the production style of the videos. They appeal to me on many levels. I like to watch them while I cook and do the dishes.

PS I’ve also included links to their other online spots in case you are more of a reader or photo person.

Jenny Mustard

YouTube – WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter

Jenny and her partner David create some of the most lovely v-logs. She shares vegan recipes, minimalist lifestyle advice, organization tips and her overall optimistic perspective on life. She has a stunning, edgy style and a very warm demeanour.

Light By Coco

YouTube – InstagramTwitter

Originally from the Netherlands and now in the USA, Coco posts very simple and to the point videos with her tips for living a simple life. Her focus is on clothing and keeping a decluttered living (and head) space. She travels frequently so there is excellent packing advice too. Her videos are not overly edited, but they are high quality and very pleasant to watch. By the way, her fashion style most closely resembles my own. Except I am not tall. ;-)

Rachel Aust


Based out of Australia, Rachel shares minimalist organization, beauty and style advice. She and her partner Beau own and run a training gym Eat Run Lift as well as offer diet and exercise digital products so this topic pops up on the channel often. It doesn’t feel like a distraction from the minimalism but rather a compliment. She has a background in photography and design and it shows. Her keen eye and aesthetic is clear and consistent in all the products she creates.

Your Faves?

What are your favourite SIMPLE LIVING websites and YouTube channels? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


  • Pascal Grenier

    I love reading Joshua Becker ( even though I’m not a religious person and he frequently refers to God. He was (and still is) a great source of inspiration.

    Joshua Fields Milburn too ( Can’t wait to see the movie coming out in May.

    On a more practical level, The Joy Of Less from Francine Jay (www.missminimalist) is a great intro to minimalism.

    And of course Leo Babauta.

    • Seska Lee

      I think I got on the simple living, minimalism bandwagon when I first discovered Leo Babauta I was researching how to pack and travel light as I was travelling a lot a few years ago. Everything then just got simpler and simpler from there. His breaking and creating habits information is really useful.

      I also like The Minimalists quite a lot. I am into their podcasts these days.

      Funny that you shared Francine Jay & Joshua Becker. I only discovered them this very morning from my suggestions on Twitter. Will check them out!

    • Seska Lee

      So happy to see you post here. I have become quite the fan of your channel! I tend to binge watch every few weeks and always leave inspired fashion and beauty wise.

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