My Core Desired Feelings 2016

For those of you who visit my website with an eye for details you may have noticed a change in my Core Desired Feelings over on the sidebar. In January I did my annual Desire Map work and I got a little more precise and a little more descriptive on how I wanted to feel.

What I like about The Desire Map and Core Desired Feelings is that you do not need to obey the rules of grammar nor be sensible with the words you choose. If you want to feel like a Disney Character that can be one of your CDFs. If you want to feel spicy in whatever way you define spicy, you can choose that word. Neat.

What I went with this incarnation was compounding words. It feels right for me right now. It feels deep and detailed.

My Core Desired Feelings are Poise, Radiant, Purpose, Full and Whimsy.

I will explain in a future entry what these CDFs mean to me.

Love and blessings,


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