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Goals With Soul 2017

The Desire Map is a workbook, a guide, a process.

It’s a tool to help you get crystal clear on how you want to feel and take action to nourish and embody your Core Desired Feelings in all that you do.

For the past few years on around New Year Day I revisit my Core Desired Feelings. I take out my old Desire Map workbooks and personal journals and look back. I reflect on the actions I took and the feelings I felt. Then I look ahead at how I want to feel and the goals (with soul) that I want to attain in the coming year. For me it’s part of my evolving journey of getting in touch with what I desire and making it happen on my terms. Even more so it’s my foundation. The process supports my goal of living with intention, vitality, reslience and equanimity.

There are many ways you can tap into The Desire Map. Some facilitators provide online coaching. Others in-person workshops. Some people explore the material on their own in one long night or over the course of a few weeks. It’s quite a flexible programme.

With that in mind, Danielle LaPorte (the creator of The Desire Map) is offering a condensed audio + workbook course, designed for crossing the threshold of a New Year. This is a rich and useful process. Danielle will walk you through a customized New Year Desire Map process with prompts to glean the lessons from the past and set Goals + Intentions that nourish you through 2017.

BONUS: If you purchase the Goals With Soul 2017 programme via my Affiliate Link I will offer you a 30-minute check-in call about your work with The Desire Map at the end of January.

Want to get super clear on how you want to feel for 2017? I bet ya’ – you do. Wonderful you.

All my best,


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