Back Online

It’s Friday night. I’m in my new apartment. I’m using my computer and the Internet.


I did enjoy my break from technology though it wasn’t a total one. I used up a bunch of data by using my iPhone excessively. Thankfully, I have a good package. But yeah, I wasn’t really as offline as I could of been. On the other hand, I was without cable so I didn’t watch TV at all. That was rather nice. I liked it mostly because the decrease in tech use allowed me to fully unpack and get settled into my new place. Not a box is left.

Such a relief.

I have been here since July 1st and it’s been amazing. I am so glad I moved. The new status? Me, Rufus and Martha. Happy as clams (Hey – why are we like clams when we are happy? Someone tell me. I need to know). I have been enjoying the quietude of my new space, the lack of renovations and no workmen knocking on my door at 730am. Not to mention no more rude building managers that made me ever so anxious.

The cats have settled in too. They have been enjoying the new sights and sounds.

Unfortunately, being offline computer-wise though has meant I am behind in B-School. Thankfully, the resources will always be available and I don’t think I have lost momentum. I am still inspired. I just have to figure out how to schedule some class time for myself. As I learned early on from Marie Forleo – if it’s not scheduled it’s not real.

And why am I unsure how to schedule my time?

I have a job.

I have worked for myself for so long – building websites, creating porn, producing shows and writing. It was always based on my needs and my schedule. Now I am no longer doing the at-home office thing. I am getting up early, taking a shower, putting on proper clothes (not staying in a housedress or PJs), packing a lunch and taking the Metro to the office. 9-5 is obviously pretty common place, but it is not something I have done in 15 years. This past week has been an adjustment.  A stimulating, exciting adjustment. Technically, I am still an independent contractor, but now I go elsewhere to work and I am working on someone else’s projects.

Super neat.

Indeed, these past two months have seen a lot of changes for me. I did a huge purge of papers and belongings, I moved to a new place,  I gave up some bad habits (I will blog about that in the future as it certainly is its own topic), I started B School and came up with a new vision for my websites (also a bit of a renewal of an old one)  that matches well with how I feel as I get further along in my forties. And I am helping others create a dream project.

I finally feel like I’m building a strong foundation for my life.

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